What your Body Does & Friday Favorites!

Coming home to these cheeks after a run is kind of my favorite.

IMG 9765

Josse and I were able to get together for 7 miles (post-baby record distance over here) together.  We averaged an 8:25 pace!

IMG 9739

Half-way through the run I tied my jacket around my waist because I was HOT but the gloves stayed on because my fingers do not understand how to feel hot (or warm).   PS when I took off my jacket Josse noticed a huge bruise on my upper chest (my tank and straps are covering it in the picture).  I hadn’t even noticed it but I’m guessing it is from my seatbelt in the accident.  I pretty much want to kiss Skye’s carseat and a seatbelt every day for keeping us safe.

IMG 9751

I wore the Launch 5s for the first time and they were AMAZING.  I am very happy with them (like I said, I always get nervous when my favorite shoes come out with the next edition because I don’t want them to change for the worse).  Very happy.  They felt so good.  Expect a full review in about 50 miles.

IMG 9738

Brooke had a pretty great day at school.  Her teacher told me that EVERY piece of art work that she turns in includes at least one (and usually three) dogs on the paper.  She also overheard Brooke telling her friends about what a veterinarian is and how she is going to be one when she grows up.

IMG 9735

It has been quite some time since I last had a hot chocolate.  Probably because I keep forgetting to buy marshmallows.  Yesterday it sounded good to go along with my salad (Costco Strawberry Harvest salad kit plus the spinach and grilled chicken that I added)!

IMG 9772

Skye had her doctor appointment yesterday (I for some reason thought it was last week but nope, it was yesterday) and she is now  11 lbs 7.5 ounces!  Andrew and I made a bet before going in about how much she weighed… he guessed 12 lbs and I guessed 11 lbs 7 ounces.  I won and received a 15 minute foot massage because of it. (Truth time….they weighed Skye in the emergency room.  Hahahaha….don’t tell Andrew)

IMG 9773

She exploded all over her clothes and I totally forgot to bring extra clothes but she forgave me.

IMG 9780

The kids love going to Skye’s doctor’s appointments because they let them choose a movie (Lady and the Tramp yesterday) to watch.

IMG 9776

I ran into Target to get a few things including a few V-day gifts for the kids.  The kids love Peeps so I got them these.  Anyone else love Peeps or is that a definite no?  I don’t crave them but I could eat one if it was in front of me.

IMG 9781

The groundhog was wrong about the weather.  Also, we don’t know how to match socks at our house… it drives Andrew crazy ha!


Dinner, of course.

IMG 9787

IMG 9788


Time for a few Friday Favorites!!!

*I saw this on Ali’s IG and had to share it here too!  Just remember this the next time you are feeling discouraged about your running goals… don’t give up:)

IMG 9587


*General Mills sent me some goodies for my birthday and oh my goodness.  This popcorn is addicting.  All popcorn is addicting for me but this one was (yes, I finished it off in a 24 hour time period) especially good.

IMG 9707

*Each night I have been doing a few minutes of yoga.  A bunch of you recommended yoga to help my back pain from breastfeeding and it has helped SO much already.  Even just 5-10 minutes is helping me to feel a little stronger and stretched out:)  Kate told me about Yoga with Adriene and those are the clips I’ve been using!

IMG 9624

*A nice reminder from THIS book… Run your own race:)  Train and run the way that is best for you!

IMG 9782

*Eating the Kodiak Cakes Protein Packed Dark Chocolate pancake/waffle mix for breakfast makes me feel like I’m eating a brownie for breakfast.  Try it and it will increase your mood in the morning 32% (at least it does for me).

IMG 9595

*The other day all three kids were asleep in the backseat so we did one of our favorite things… we drove around and looked at houses.  I found my DREAM HOUSE while I was out on a run the other day.  I showed it to Andrew and he agreed that we need it.  Now we just need to win the lottery and they need to want to sell their house and then we are good to go.

IMG 9706

*My current goto snack.  Obsessed.

IMG 9791

*Megan D sent this to me and it describes me perfectly.  I REALLY love sleep.  I also snore very loud which is a problem and Andrew nudges me whenever I do fall asleep in movies (although, I had ZERO temptation to sleep during The Greatest Showman).  PS we are t-minus 4 days until I sleep an entire night without waking up (Andrew’s bday present to me).

IMG 9730

*I listened to the episode from Lindsey Hein with Kim Conley (she was in the 2012 and 2016 Olympics for the 5,000 meters) and I LOVED something that Kim said about the time that a commentator said she didn’t have a ‘distance runner’s body’, “It doesn’t matter what my body looks like, it’s about what my body does.”  SO SO TRUE.  I love it.  It reminded me about this post where I included the ‘paintbrush’ theory… if you need a body-image pick-me-up… READ IT HERE!  “Your body is not your offering.  It’s just a really amazing instrument which you can use to create your offering each day.”

All of this reminds me of this quote that I’ve been loving.  Make sure to do this this weekend:



Peeps… YES or HECK NO?! 

Ever do yoga?  How often?  At home or at a studio/gym?

Have any fun Friday night plans?

When it comes to sleeping… can you sleep anywhere/anytime or does it take you some time to fall asleep/you need your bed to fall asleep?

from The Hungry Runner Girl http://ift.tt/2C7oqPn


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